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As an aside, I really wish that guys would stop sending me unsolicited dick pics.  What do they think I’m going to do with them, besides laugh/cry?  Zoe and I call penises “disgusting appendages” that basically serve one purpose, a purpose best served in the complete dark without visual contact and not with a telescopic HD lens.  JFC.  

I’ve spent the week trying to sift through everything I own, deciding what to pack for Chicago immediately, what to pack for the long-term, and what to donate/trash.  The original goal was to donate/trash half of everything and start anew, or at least start clutter-free.  Not sure whether that goal is still feasible, given that I am going to Philadelphia tomorrow.  It’s fine though.  It’ll work itself out, everything always does.  I’m going to start The Bell Jar and hope I feel better tomorrow.  

This summer has been fever dream after fever dream.

Michael still didn’t care, he suggested we go to Atlantis this afternoon because I turned down Antigua. I turned down Antigua because of scheduling, but whatever.

All I want to know


“All I want to know
for my own protection
is are we capable
of whatever

Essex Hemphill “For My Own Protection”

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